We are proud to contribute to the science of cosmetics by offering range of active, functional ingredients from stem cells.

Stem cell derived Nanovesicles: The future of cruelty free cosmetics

Today, the mountains of beauty blogs out there are stating about the “active ingredients” like how these active ingredients address acne, hydration, as well as brightening concerns. However, nothing has been detailed about those active ingredients and how they can help in skin care.

Researchers have discovered that stem cell-derived exosomes and lysosomes are molecules secreted by stem cells; and are the mainstream agents that can talk to one another about aging, differentiation, stimulation, and secretion of anti-inflammatory factors that control and coordinate the process across the entire tissues in our body. In recent decades researchers have evolved their understanding of stem cell science and how to enhance their potential that may lead to longevity in the form of glowing skin, good hair, and growing old with a decreased likelihood of diseases and other health problems, i.e. growing older with grace.

Active Ingredients Role in cosmetic care
  • Protects skin cells from external stressors
  • Help in absorption of more active cosmetic ingredients
  • Increase skin hydration through surface adhesiveness
  • Increase performance of the base cosmetic products
  • Can enhance sustainability and delivery of active ingredients
  • Improve skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness
  • Promote skin lightening
  • A very interesting and efficient delivery system to increase the resident time of cosmetic chemical at the deepest layer of the skin.
  • A biocompatible and biodegradable option to increase the delivery of cosmetically active components at the deepest layer of the skin.
  • Increase skin flexibility, and hydration
  • Promote intracellular communication
  • Improve skin vascularization and reepithelization
  • Promote reduced melanin production
  • Help in minimizing scar formation
  • Promote collagen synthesis


Optimal-Purity, Isolated Stem Cell Exosomes



MSC Exosome Therapeutics and Diagnostics



CGMP Development of MSC Exosomes


Active Ingredients: The Next Big Thing in Cosmetic Industry?

These active functional components, isolated from mesenchymal stem cells including exosomes carry the legacy of stem cells in the form of their intrinsic, biological properties that can inhibit the same effect as stem cells do; thus, diverting ethical obligation of stem cells in skin care.


Downregulating inflammatory cytokines like TNF-alpha, IL-1 Beta, and MMPs (Matrix metalloproteinase), while upregulating inflammatory cytokines like IL-4, IL-10 and TIMPs. Thus, MSC derived exosomes can reduce inflammation due to skin ageing.


The proteins like peroxiredoxins could reduce the oxidation state of cells under tremendous oxidative stress due to ageing. Thus, reducing oxidative stress on cells could improve their functions and survival.


These components are actively involved in maintaining cellular viabilities and preventing early cell death. The anti-apoptotic messengers these components are carrying along with the same is responsible for slow, stopping and/or reversing progression of ageing.


These components including exosomes are associated with optimization of damaged skin tissues with improved collagen type I/III ratios and normal organization of collagen fibres.


They are involved in regulation of immune cells like macrophages and T cells in different prototypes and are involved in activation of anti-inflammatory cytokines, preventing ageing.


By stimulating endothelial cell function, these cells are involved in vascularization leading to tissue regeneration


The pro-synthetic effects are helpful in activation of skin cells and enhance extracellular matrix production. Specific exosomes molecules are helpful in synthesis of collagen.


Proteins that are present in these active ingredients are important for induction of inactive DNA transcription.

The fundamental purpose of Advancells is to be a part of the growing cosmetic industry by offering range of functionally active ingredients inheriting the power of stem cells.

Presently, cosmetic companies are using active ingredients from plants for the desired effects on skin care; however, it is very important to understand that skin care in our body is naturally controlled with the help of stem cells present within us. Due to ageing, these resident stem cells start losing their capacity to differentiate and regulate skin cells. Geriatric researchers have discovered that multiple factors are responsible for ageing, one of them is inflammatory role played by external stressors like pollution, diseased condition, diet etc.

We have identified the most potent sources of stem cells, isolated from Fetal tissues with in their naïve state. The active ingredients that we isolate from stem cells through unique technology are basically packed controlling codes, secreted by stem cells. Similar codes are inserted in other cells by hijacking them for the production of multiple proteins like collagen, secretion of anti-inflammatory markers for anti-ageing etc. Thus, these active ingredients open the miraculous way towards anti-ageing and longevity.These ingredients are being produced on a mass scale, quality assessed at each step of their development and before the release of the final batch.

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